Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine has numerous functions which are extremely important for our health. More than 100 enzymes involved in the metabolism of fats need it for their function. It is crucial for red blood cell metabolism and for the functioning of the nervous and immune system. All of this confirms its key role in achieving optimal health. 

Some people are genetically prone to having a lower level of vitamin B6 in their body which also, among other things, depends on the variant of the ALPL gene. In the study, on which this analysis is based, people with an unfavourable copy of the ALPL gene had approximately 20 percent lower level of vitamin B6. People with two unfavourable copies of the gene ALPL gene had up to a 40 percent lower level of vitamin B6, in comparison to people with two copies of favourable genes. The reason for such differences is less effective absorption of vitamin B6 in people with an unfavourable variant of the ALPL gene. As a result they have a higher requirement of vitamin B6.