Home kit

Our home finger-prick test is a convenient and easy way to take your own blood sample from the comfort of your home.

Please note: you'll be required to complete either 1 or 2 sample tubes depending on the health assessment you ordered

What’s in the kit?

Our home kit contains everything you need to complete your finger-prick blood test:

  • Instructions
  • 1 or 2x sample tubes
  • 1 or 2x plastic cases
  • 2x alcohol swabs
  • 2x plasters
  • Cotton wool
  • 3x spring loaded lancets
  • Blood request form
  • Clinical waste bag
  • Pre-paid return envelope

About the home kit

A home blood test kit is included in the price of your health plan.

It’s a convenient method for taking your blood sample, as you’re in control of when and where it happens meaning there’s no need for any inconvenient appointments.

We’ll send you everything you need to take your sample in the post, including a blood collection guide.

Don’t worry about needles, there aren’t any! The home blood collection uses lancets (a small finger prick test) instead. Once you’ve taken your sample simply post it back to the lab the same day in the pre-paid envelope. It's that easy!

PLEASE NOTE: your assessment may only require you to complete one sample tube

Download instructions