Typeform questions

1. How would you rate our online store, based on...

    • Design and presentation? 
    • Range of products? 
    • Ease of finding what you wanted to buy?
    • How clear are the descriptions of what is included in each health check?
  • All questions based on a scaled of 1 to 5.

2. Are there any specific blood tests that you were looking for that we did not provide in our health check? If so, please list the tests.

3. And how would you rate the standard of your health check, based on...

    • Time taken to receive homekit in mail, or arrange clinic visit to have your blood taken?
    • Level of customer service regarding your Health Check?
    • Quality of presentation of the health check online?
    • How practical were your recommendations and actions

4. Did you complete the actions that were set by the LiveSmart GP?

5. How relevant were the recommendations set out for you to reach your health objectives

6. Will you purchase a follow-up health check to monitor your health over time?

7. If no, please state why you will not be purchasing a follow-up check. If yes, please state whether you would will have a second check in 6 or 12- months time.

8. Have you downloaded the LiveSmart app for iPhone or Android?

9. How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

10. Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?