MPV is the abbreviated form of Mean Platelet Volume. It is a reading which represents the size of the platelets in a blood sample and is determined by a machine. CBC or Complete Blood Profile is the test in which the calculation of this reading is usually included.

The use of this reading is made in determining the rate of production of platelets in patients who are suffering from problems or diseases related to platelet destruction or bone marrow. It can provide the doctors with the knowledge of whether the body is generating more platelets than normal since the size of the platelet becomes enlarged in such circumstances.

Why is a low MPV a concern?

Having a Low MPV indicates that the platelet count in your blood is lower than normal and that you are in danger of suffering more blood loss in case you get injured. Besides this, a low MPV is also considered a symptom of many other diseases and disorders.

  • Usually a low MPV is associated with viral infections among which AIDS is the most prominent one.
  • The use of a drug like heparin, which lowers your platelet count or an overactive spleen are other reasons that can account for a low MPV reading.
  • Thrombocytopenia is usually the culprit in cases where the patients have an extraordinarily low level of MPV especially if it has resulted from aplastic anemia which impairs the production of the platelets in the body. Excessive bleeding is the most common problem encountered by patients who suffer from thrombocytopenia since their platelet count is very low which makes it difficult for their blood to clot quickly.
  • Patients suffering from genetic disorders such as lupus or hemolytic disorders such as anemia also are most likely to have a lower MPV reading than normal.