After Purchase FAQs

Your results and doctor's analysis will be available on your personal, password protected dashboard within 7 working days of the lab receiving your results.
Depending on the collection method you have ordered you will receive clear instructions via email or post. After receiving your blood sample, it will be analysed in our laboratory, your results are evaluated and your personal analysis is created by our GPs. Your results and advice will then be made available to you via your personal dashboard.
Our clear dashboard will show your results and analysis in clearly defined sections. Please see the sample dashboard on each of the Health Check pages.
Your results will also be available in a printable version should you wish to show your doctor. If there are any issues with your results, our doctor may suggest you visit your GP. Our doctor and dietitian are also available for consultations.
The LiveSmart tests should be your first step in becoming more proactive with your health. Past customers have gone on to:
  • Make changes to their overall nutrition
  • Change their exercise routine and frequency
  • Consult with our doctor and dietitian
  • Increase their awareness of the signs and symptoms of your key risk areas
  • Discuss their results with a doctor
  • Request further tests and arrange a follow-up health check in 3-6 montsh time after making some lifestyle changes