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LiveSmart is a collaboration between a team of experts and entrepreneurs led by Lee Robinson and our team of healthcare professionals.

Lee Robinson – Founder Lee Robinson is the founder of Livesmart UK Ltd. as well as Altana Wealth (London and Monaco). Prior to launching Altana, Lee co-founded Trafalgar and was CIO of Trafalgar Catalyst Fund and Trafalgar Special Situations Fund. Lee has personally financed LiveSmart as it's an area in which he has a deep personal interest in.

Alex Heaton - Alex brings over 11 years of marketing experience to LiveSmart. As well as working for numerous large brands such as Puma, Tilda, Emirates and Aviva he also spent many years working on behavioural change and education programmes for the Department for Education, Business and the NHS. Alex manages the team on a day to day basis and is responsible for strategy and marketing.

Dr Gareth O'Hare - Dr. O'Hare graduated from Leeds University Medical School in 2002 before qualifying as a General Practitioner. He is very keen on keeping fit and promotes good diet and exercise amongst his patients.

Dr Shamima Rashid - Dr. Rashid qualified from Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 2000 and has practiced in London as an NHS GP. She has worked in both London and Singapore carrying out extensive and comprehensive health assessments in the corporate sector and with individuals who wanted to lead a better lifestyle.