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Analysed by NHS doctors and dietitians, our finger-prick blood tests can reveal why you have low energy, why you're finding it difficult to lose weight and what foods are best for you and your lifestyle

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Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports give you a complete picture of your internal health

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You'll get a report and recommendations written by an NHS doctor

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Our dietitians offer advice on the eating plans that will work for you

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Meet our happy customers

Here’s how we’ve empowered people to make positive changes and live happier, healthier lives

Callum Calbraith, 30

Communications Manager, Universal Music Group

Eighteen months ago, I never thought I would be running a marathon, or have the dedication to train six mornings a week.”

Jo Sims, 46

Account Manager, AXA PPP

In just three months, I've gone from being pre-diabetic to within the normal range, and I've lost 15kg. I'm now a lot more in control.”


Your finger-prick blood test

Our home test takes just a few minutes - and we'll guide you through each step. Don't worry: most people find it's easier than they imagined


We’ll help you take control

Our expert analysis and advice empowers you to get your health and wellbeing on track

Trouble sleeping?

Our blood tests can uncover what’s messing with your sleep

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We’ll identify any underlying issues and show you how to address them

Feeling sluggish?

77% of our customers uncover an energy-sapping vitamin deficiency